Australia is home to the best coffee of the world, and it is not wrong for me if I say Melbourne is the best place for you to find food and a cup of coffee to accompany. When I talk about food and coffee in Melbourne, I am not talking about instant food or instant coffee that is often served at low class restaurant or a small diner, no. I am talking about real food and robust coffee, all made with love and compassion. Melbourne, as one of the big city there in Australia, have lots of places to go that serves good food and thoughtful coffee. For you foodies and coffee enthusiast who wanted to taste the best food and the best coffee Melbourne could serve, this article would serve to enlighten you about the best places to go to the best food and the best coffee.

Patricia Coffee Brewers

I have a friend who once visited this place and he said that this place is the place where you can get good coffee and good vibes of coffee and treats in here. This place serves none other than pure, grinded cup of coffee goodness. You will not find that cheap instant coffee in this place, and you can also spoil your sweet tongue with a collection of delicious small treats. Unfortunately, this place serves no full course meal or ‘normal’ meal, so if you are only looking for good coffee, then you should visit this place.


Addict Food and Coffee

Now that we are finished with Patricia Coffee Brewers, then you should hop to Addict Food and Coffee. Unlike Patricia, this place serves food, especially burgers and breakfast food. That friend of mine, who visited Patricia, visited this place too. He said that even though the coffee was not as good as Patricia’s the rustic decoration is a boon to look at and he said that he would rather hang around in this place than to Patricia. If you are looking for a good burger and a good coffee, then this place should be the place you go to.

Maha Mediterranean Restaurant

On the last of this list is Maha, a restaurant that specialize in the art of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. I have never tasted a Turkish food aside from kebab (though I am very much interested in doing so), but this place is the place you should go even if you are not a Turkish food lover. Rated as the best Turkish restaurant in Australia, the staffs of this place are friendly and the foods are good.



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