When you are raveling, especially when you have limited budget might makes you need to think twice before go out to famous destination in your travel time. However, when you go travel in cheap and free accommodation for backpacker’s traveler, then Cairns might be perfect option to go. Cairns, is a paradise for backpacker traveler because it has lots of things that travelers can do without spending much money or even you can get it free.

  • Go to market.  Such as other cities in Australia, in Cairns you can visit great markets and spend time to shop souvenirs in night market.
  • Go to Lagoon. What else that better than swimming in nature outdoor swimming pool for held the Cairns unbearable heat? The Lagoon is best place for relax in a tired day.
  • Explore nature beauty in Cairns. There are several beauty natures that you can try in Cairns. Crystal Cascades is local waterfall spot that located about 20 minutes driving from town. Stoney Creek Falls is other popular waterfall that located 8km from Cairns. There is  fresh water for jump and rock jumping spots.
  • Esplanade Free Fitness Class. Here is secret how you can stay in good stamina while you are travelling. Get free fitness class every day in Esplanade. You can try following Yoga class, Zumba class, Volley ball, Boxing, pilates and bouldering.
  • Walsh’s Pyramid. Hike the tallest natural pyramid that only present in cairns. It takes 4-6 hours to lead you to the top and you will be presented with views of Cairns in 360 degrees and beautiful rainforest.
  • Rainforest exploration. Go to Cairns Botanical Garden and you can enjoy the walking trails in the rainforest. There are two route, Red Arrow and Blue Arrow walking route. The blue arrow challenges you harder with longer track with spectacular lookout at the top.
  • Explore beaches. There is paradise beach in Cairns, there are Trinity and Palm cove beach.  It just about 45 minutes from the center town.

The most excited things that need to do in Cairns is visit The Great Barrier Reef. It is no complete visit Australia without going to this place. This is the famous heritage site that awesome to see with your eyes.  When you go to Cairns, you can get temporary work and get little money for your travel. At last, cheap or free accommodation for your travel especially in cairns is depend on what you visit in the city.


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