When you go to Australia, then Darwin city should be listed in your itineraries. Darwin city is Northern Territory Capital. Get awesome adventure in Darwin with exciting and unique attraction destination with indigenous culture and its beautiful nature. This city not only boast with incredible wildlife but also superb with classy restaurants and luxurious accommodation.  Here are things that you can go when you visitDarwin tourist attraction.

  • Crocosaurus Cove adventure.  Meet with the nature creatures in Crocosaurus cove. You can see and feed the giant animals collection such as saltwater crocodiles and take picture with baby crocodile. Go lower into prehistoric reptiles in spot of “Cage of Death”. You can watch reptile house and turtle enclosure.
  • Berry Spring Wildlife Park. Go to Top End and discover its wildlife variety. It located 45 minutes in south of Darwin. You can see dingo, goose lagoon, nocturnal house, monsoon forest walk and the famous Billabong spot. Get bird watching in Flight Deck Bird show.
  • Cruise Adventure. Follow two and half hour cruise in Mary River Wetlands that offer you nature beauty in bush tracts, fishing and bird watching adventure. The bird watching spot in Darwin available in mangroves forest. Go to monsoon forest and you can see the rocky coastline, savannah and mangroves in mudflats walking board. You can watch use binoculars the exotic bird such as kingfisher, flycatcher, drongos, cockatoos and honeyeaters.  You also able to follow cruise adventure around to harbor of Darwin. Get different nature focus of natural environment in Darwin harbor. You can explore shipwrecks, local marine habitats, mangrove and many more.
  • Northern Aboriginal Culture Exploration. Aborigine is the origin citizen in Australia. In Darwin, this is northern territory of aboriginal culture where people can learn and discover the authentic aboriginal culture. They will experience the enthralling culture based on nature such as knowing traditional medicine, blow didgeridoo, playing clap sticks, and many more.
  • Visit Litchfield National park. Explore the nature wonders in Litchfield National Park and discover termite mounds, cascading waterfall and take boat ride to Adelaide River go to spot huge crocodiles. Get relax and watch the beauty sunset views in the Litchfield.

Darwin city is great city in Australia that offer awesome adventure spot. It has great landscape for enjoy nature beauty in different views. Enjoy your vacation in night of Darwin city life by visit Mindil beach market and watch sunset while you shop souvenirs. It has exotic culinary foods to taste and handmade souvenirs.


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