Looking for information on free campervan spot in Australia’s New South Wales? Australia is a big country, and not everything in here is touched by civilization. For that very reason, Australia is, in my opinion, is the best place for you to bring your campervan to. Why is that? Because this place is the perfect camping country for people who enjoy the thrill. I said camping country because this place got lots of camping grounds, and you can even find some of the best camping ground in this vast country.

Sadly, not all of us has the money to pay for renting the camping ground. Camping grounds in Australia are not too expensive, but it is not very cheap either. Sometimes, we lack the money in our wallet (maybe because you overstocked for the trip or perhaps you have spent all of your money on your campervan) to pay for the camping ground, and it can be a pain in the bottom when that occurs. Fortunately for you, free camping grounds are abundant in Australia, and this article here will help you with some of them. Check out the list below:

Sandy Point Reserve, Lang Street of Hay

New South Wales is one of the state in Australia that is still a little bit civilized (when I say civilized, I mean the place are still in proximity to big cities or little ones. I did not mean to say that the natives of Australia are not civilized. Please do not be angry with me if you are one). Sandy Point Reserve is not far from the place called Hay, so it is only fair that this place still got lots of free perks. This place got flushable toilets and electric barbeque. There is a river, but the water is not drinkable unless you purify it first. Sadly, they did not put how long you could stay in the website, so ask the people in there to know.

Lollback Rest Area, Gwydir Hwy of Jackadgery

This place, aside from having a name that reminds me of a popular internet abbreviation (LOL) and having an address that no ordinary people can read (How do you read Gwydir Hwy? Is it Guai-der hui or Gui-dair huai?), is another fan favourite free camping ground in New South Wales. Unlike other places in New South Wales, this place actually got free water supply that is stored in tanks. Toilets and barbecue are available, but you can only stay for 24 hours in the place.


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