If you have not heard of Perth, you have not heard of Australia well enough. Perth is the fourth populous city of Australia. It got the same name with the Perth in Scotland, but that does not mean the two city is necessarily the same, no. It took its name from Scotland because some Scotland politician thought that it will be good to use his influence to give name to a colonial city (for you who did not know, Australia was once a colony of the British). This place is very important for you history lovers who loves British colonial history.

But now I am here not to talk about British or Australian history. I am here to talk about the present, and nothing is better than the present. I am here to talk about what Perth can offer to tourists and travellers around the world. If you are a tourist who is dying (this is very hyperbolic, I know) to see Perth and its tourist hotspots, then you should go on in reading this article because this article will definitely help you in getting to know the places to go.

Royal Botanic Garden of Perth

It is like I am not tired of writing about Botanic Gardens in Australia. This place is the most beautiful garden in Perth, and you can see lots of things in here. You want to spend your time with loved ones or alone? Just go to this garden and do that. It is a good place to walk around and the scenes are all photogenic. The pictures taken in here could never be bad (if you do take bad pictures, your cheap camera or your lack of basic photography skills might explain that).

Kings Park War Monument

Another important and good place to visit in Perth is of course the Kings Park War Monument. In case you did not notice, this monument was erected to honour the fallen Australian men and women who served in the army. Every year, the names of the men and women who died in every war where Australia took part in were inscribed in the monument. Do not forget to honour the fallen if you visit this place!

Swan River

Swan River is a river (obviously) that runs along Western Australia. The name implies that there are lots of swans in there, and for once it is the truth. You can see black swans and many tour and travel guides in the place. If there are tour and travel guides on the side of a river, you can be sure that the river is a beautiful one.


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