Hobart is one of that place where you must go before you die. No, seriously, I am not kidding. Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania Island, which is located in Australia. As the second oldest city in Australia (right behind Sydney), Hobart is an escapist paradise. For people with money and the will to travel around the world before their ‘time’ come, Hobart is the perfect place for those kinds of people to go. Why? This article here will serve to tell you all about Hobart’s tourist hotspots and places you should go if you ever found yourself in Hobart.

Mount Wellington of Hobart

Where should I start about Mount Wellington? This mountain is the number one spot for tourists who visited Hobart simply because Mount Wellington is breathtaking. Visit Mount Wellington when it is sunny and still you will get cold because of the high wind in there. Lucky for you, the cold can be countered with thick jacket and a local made hot chocolate that many vendors sell in there. The trip from Hobart to Mount Wellington will take half an hour with a car. If you can handle the cold and the narrow road, you will be rewarded with an astounding view of Hobart.

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden

For you plant lovers, you should put visiting Hobart on the list of places to visit because you can find the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden in there. Not only this place got all kinds of plants from many places, this place got animals, too. You may think that a botanical garden can be hard to navigate around on, but you thought wrong, mate. The layout of this place is as simple as pie.

Mawson’s Hut Replica Museum

At first, I did not know why people are so interested in a replica of a hut. Nevertheless, after I read about Mawson’s hut, I realized that this place is the replica of the most incredible hut of all time. Why, you ask? Simply because Mawson’s hut is one of the only six surviving sites by the heroic era of Antarctic exploration. Why this is so important? This is important because Antarctic expedition was manned and was funded by Australian, and Australians love it when they manage to do things by themselves. This is perhaps not the real Mawson’s Hut (which was located far from Hobart), but this place is like a carbon copy of that place and will remind the Australian about the heroic deeds of their people.


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