The 170,000 square-km expanse of the simpson Desert stretches south-east from Alice Springs and bleends into South Australia and Queensland. It was named by Cecil madigan in 1939 who led the first major expediton across the desert.

The first vehicle crossing was made in 1962 by Geologist and explorer Dr Reinald Springg who travelled from andado Station to birdsville. It’s an area characterised by never-ending horizons and rolling dunes of deep red sand that provides four-wheel drive enthusiasts with challenging terrain and remote wilderness.

The Old Andado Track which runs from Alice Springs, through Santa Theresa to Old Andado Station is part of the Binns Track which is emerging as one of Australia’s epic four-wheel drive journeys.

The Old Ghan Heritage Train runs from Alice Springs to finke along the Old Ghan Railway line. This forms part of the track for the Finke Desert Race which is held annually on the Queen’s Birhtday weekend.

There are a number of other track which traverse the Simpson Desert that reuire high level four-wheel drive experience Travellers should be well prepared and plan ahead. It is not advide to travel in summer months as much of this area is offcially clode by Parks Authorities.




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