Perth has everything a traveller could wish for. You want to travel down one of the most beautiful river in the world? Just go to Swan River. You want to honour the dead and the heroes of Australian history? Just go to the war monument in King’s park. For such a town, Perth has lots of perks, and there are always reasons why Perth is one of the place that travellers should go. If you are not the kind of traveller that wanted to sightsee, then you must be a traveller who wanted to eat authentic Australian dishes. I do not blame you if you want to spoil your tongue and your stomach; it is human for us to do so. Perth’s many restaurants will do just that. If you are confused with where you should eat in Perth, keep on reading this article because this article will help you in knowing the three best restaurant that you can visit in Perth.

The Roost Restaurant

The etymology of this restaurant is amiss to me, but this restaurant serves authentic British, Scottish, and European cuisine in general. If you are looking for a good Sunday roast (this is a type of food for the Brits) and a good eating vibe, then you should go look for this restaurant’s address and go there. They even got seasonal dishes, so if you visit them in different seasons, then you will get different kinds of food. Nice, right?

Everest Inn

The name might not be suitable if you did not know what this restaurant serves, but if you knew, you would see that this is the perfect name for this kind of restaurant. This restaurant serves Indian food, and a good Indian restaurant is a rare sight in there. If you have a taste for Indian food in general and want to eat a good one, then you should visit this place because this place will certainly be a good place that serves good food. It is also homey.

Pig ‘Halle

Like Indian food in Perth, finding an authentic French food is also hard in there. Luckily, there this joint called the Pig ‘Halle that will serve you French food and food made of pork. For those who are able to eat pork and loves French food, you should take a look at this restaurant. Although the main dish of this place is pork, you should not worry if you do not like them. Many French cuisines are pork-free and you can find them too in this place.


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