The MacDonnell Ranges stretch over 640km running east-west through Alice Springs. The provide a picturesque backdrop th the town lighting up each sunrise and suset with a display of fiery reds, sunburnt oranges and deep purples.

The range is estimated to be approx 340 million years old and was formed when two tectonic plates collided; rocks deep beneath the earth’s surface twisted and folded, eventually thrusting upward into the sky, Wind, water, and time have exposed the skeleton of what was once a giant mountain range, much bigger than what you see remaining today.

The tradiotional owners of Alice Springs, the arrente people, are spritually connected to the Range thorugh Dreamtime stories. The Yeprenye Dreaming tells the story of an ancestral spirit in the form of a giant caterpillar that moved throught Alice Springs and crated the landscape including the Range.


The larapinta Trail, a challenging 223km trek from Alice Springs towrds the West, along the spine of the Range, is one of Australia’s most spectacular bushwalking and trekking experiences.

Local reidents affectionately refer to the MacDonnell Ranges in two distinct parts; East Macs and Est Macs and Alice Springs is the ideal base from which to explore both of these regions.



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