Adelaide looks wrong if you can’t find any museums and art places there. As a capital city of North Australia where so many college kids and education places there, you will find variety of museums with interesting view and décor, also with art gallery, library or festival centre. If you are a new college kid but want to get a proper guide about those interesting places in Adelaide, then you need to read this article.


First about museums. For your information, there are so many museums there in Adelaide with so many unique themes and names. So many museums, maybe you need to write specific addresses to visit every places you want. For example, there is a Museum Childhood located in Port Adelaide. This museum offers you a lovely view about manufactured toys collection from the past, specifically you can find toys from 1890s. Not only that, for people who interested with the idea of long history and art, you can go to Bay Discovery Centre located in Glenelg, Adelaide suburbs. Museum Carrick Hill in Springfield will show you the whole historic house where you can find many sculptures, paintings, drawings and all old stuffs back from mid 20th century. Totally a recommendation for a college kid who wants to get more knowledge about Australia and specifically about Adelaide city.

festival ind adelaide

Now, what about art gallery, library or festival centre? The famous one is Art Gallery of South Australia, located in North Terrace where you can find the most stunning art collections with very classy interior. Want know more about Australian culture? Then go visit Tandanya National Aboriginal Culture Institute, located in 253 Grenfell Street. This place will show you not only an art gallery but also visual art you will love to see. Another interesting yet famous place is State Library of South Australia, located in North Terrace. It’s a public library where you can find so many books collection about Australian history, art and culture. A must-visit place for college kid who fancies for books. Last but not the least, Adelaide Festival Centre located in South Australia is a very recommended place for people who want to see performing arts. This is the place where many concerts, musicals, galleries or art shows are shown in public, also happen to be a very interesting place for night festival. If there is a show or event here, make sure you watch it to prove our opinion.


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