When planning to traveling, accommodation become one of important list that you need to create before go travel. Best accommodation will make your travelling feel good and enjoy your travelling. Darwin is the only tropical city capital in Australia and it across the Timor Sea. When you go to Darwin, there are a lot of attractions that offer to traveler and Darwin accommodation that you can choose.  Explore the culinary varies in Darwin street side restaurant and bar, discover history in the past Australia from Museum, and gallery arts that show the rich indigenous culture. Darwin is a city where there are more than 50 nationalities represented in this part. Nature beauty becomes the main attraction in this city as it has famous Kakadu National Park Litchfield that can be reached with few hours. The unique of Tiwi Island with boat ride away becomes perfect family vacation and go fishing in small boat is great to do in Darwin.

To arrive into Darwin, Darwin international airport is located 15 minutes from city use car and it reach 50-60 minutes when use public transport. If you pass use sea transportation, arrived into Fort Hill Wharf, the Port of Darwin.  It reaches less from 10 minutes use shuttle bus and about 30 minutes use public center to the city. If you are planning to see beautiful landscape then goes to Kakadu or goes to Arnhem Land. It can be reach within 3 hours. Kakadu is world heritage site for natural and culture site. This place is place where you can discover the art of origin Australia citizen, Aborigine. You can go through the top of rocky mountain and hike it or see the detail art galleries of aboriginal art. Further exploring of aboriginal culture is go to red Centre. This is place where you can experience culture of origin aboriginal and see beautiful changing colors from Uluru desert in Red Center.

Explore the beauty desert and take adventure with camel or Harley Davidson adventure off road. It gives you adrenaline challenge that you will never forget when you visit Australia. Darwin city is superb suburbs city that surrounded with metropolitan Darwin. Darwin City Centre also called with Central Business District that you can visit for explore the modern city exploration. Darwin city spread in triangular shape that offers different tourist attraction. List Darwin city when you planning travel to Australia in next travel trip especially in dry season.


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