As the gateway for tropical north of Queensland, Cairns become best place for enjoy tropical climate and relaxing weather. There is Cairns attraction destination that sadly if not visited.  In Cairns, there is World Heritage site of Great Barrier Reef that offer vast coral reef in the world. This become one of the most Australia’s beautiful landscape that make your eyes pleasures with more than 3000 reef system and coral that makes it gives beauty nature looks with tropical islands view in sun and gold beaches view.  Great barrier Reef becomes main tourist destination that offers water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, bare boats, boat viewing, tours with helicopter, cruise ship tours, educational semi submersibles trips and dolphins swimming.  Tourists are also able to watch whale from the boat tour.

Great Barrier Reef is considered over than 100 islands that spread and considered from exotic and unique island. This is your paradise define ideas as you always thinking about it. Here are several famous island that mainly tourist visit when they plan to have Great Barrier Reef destination in their lists;

  • Haggerstone Island.  This is island that perfect for those who are looking for intimate and Privacy Island.
  • Heron Island is island that perfect for scuba diving activities and snorkeling with its delightful coral in deep surface beach and the loggerhead turtles to see.
  • Brampton Island. This is perfect for those who love beaches view. There is 12 beaches spread over the island and amazing wildlife to see.
  • For those who are looking for luxurious traveling in Great Barrier Reef, they can visit Hayman Island with its luxurious hut in Continental Island.  They also able to visit Bedarra island that also offer best appreciate for tourist attraction.

After enjoying the beauty island in Great Barrier Reef, then enjoy the culinary from Cairns food. The culinary lovers should not left their travel itinerary into these Cairns best restaurants and Food Street. Cairns offer modern Australia food restaurant in Vivo Bar and Grill that located in Palm Cove.  You also able to visit Waterbar and grill in Cairns center city if looking for best steak food in Cairns.  Love Italian food? Then go to Chianti’s when you visit Trinity beach. The delicious Italian Food is available to order. While you are in beach, order seafood in Yorkers Knob Boating Club that derived from fresh sea food for their guests. For Asian food lovers, you can visit Tokyo Dumpling and enjoy delicious Japanese food.


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